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Hello World!

May 17, 2015 // Andrew Stroup

I’ve heavily discouraged myself from starting a ‘blog’ over the past few years, mainly because it’s A) likely a time suck that results in yelling into a giant empty tunnel and B) I didn’t really have anything focused to write about.

With that said, as I’ve transitioned from #startuplife to the Director of Product and Technology for the White House Presidential Fellows I have the opportunity to work with amazing industry leaders on tough problems, often involving technology as a solution.

Now that I can focus more on the development and deployment of technologies to solve interesting government problems, that inherently comes with many hours of trouble shooting (READ: keyboard facerolling for several hours until I magically hit the write combination of key strokes to solve the problem).

This blog is designed to share my experience wrangling with technology in hopes that it serves as a reference for (and hopefully help) others PLUS the occassionaly opinion piece about mostly random and pointless things.

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